Your First Visit

1. Welcome! Welcome to Evolve Chiropractic! We are excited to meet you! To better understand your health concerns and best serve you, we will need a full health history. Feel free to print out the health forms below and fill them out ahead of time to save some time on your first visit.

2. Office Tour: Upon arrival, our team will give you an educational tour of our office so you can feel right at home!

3. Consultation & Examination:

An in depth initial consultation is conducted in order for Doctor Stefanie to get a better picture of your overall health concerns and discuss your specific health goals.

Using our state of the art technology we will perform a neurological evaluation in order to assess how your nervous system is functioning.

4. Postural X-rays: We utilize on site digital x-ray to analyze the structure and posture of your spine. On your first visit, Doctor Stefanie will determine if those x-rays are necessary. X-rays enable us to see the condition of your spine and how that relates to your overall function.

5. Doctors Report of Findings: Knowledge is the key component of your health journey. The more you know, the better health decisions you can make for you and your family. Doctor Stefanie will answer all questions and discuss exactly what you can expect from us, and how we will help you reach your specific health goals.

6. Your Plan: We will review your findings from the first visit and discuss our recommendations for your specific individual needs. Optimal health is important for you and your whole family, so we discuss how we can make family care affordable.

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